It’s time to take a walk
It’s Time to Take a Walk

It’s time to take a walk
down main streets
down side streets
down back streets

It’s time to take a walk
down your street
down my street
down wall street

It’s time to take a walk
down my street
down your street
down all streets

It’s time to take a walk
over causeways
over bridges
over tracks

It’s time to take a walk
and then maybe we can Talk
walk and talk together
like seams sewn together
squares of fabric
like small towns
ribbons cut
on main streets
neat & bright
cities with colors of music
hearts open wide
elevating the sounds
brushed under the rug
soft fabrics like lawns
in the suburbs

The quilt of our nation
the melting pot
do you remember the vision
from the east to west coast once dirt roads
no matter how rough &edgy we like ivy have grown

Bold smiles of hope
individuality, diversity
on the next farm
on the next block
cobblestone streets
dusty highways paved roads
rocks layed
bricks stacked
mortared home to home
torn, patched, and burned
cut up and rung
the fabric
of our nation revived and reborn

City to city constructed
and deconstructed
patterns through time
humming like sewing machines our heart beats
like rhymes
white picket fences
to the picket lines
to the shelters of the homeless
we are to be
to be loved
to be cherished to be respected

To every home lost and found stolen, rented, sold & owned
Adobe, Victorian, Colonial, Tudor, Brownstone and Rowhome
America let’s take a walk together Home is Home.

-Marcy Morris
July 2018