Adopted as a child in 1966 I was raised by Jewish parents in a white neighborhood in the suburbs. As loving & supportive as my parents were, I had these questions in my mind: “Who do I really look like? and “Am I good enough?, I did not quite grasp how to love myself. I often asked, “Did you know that I was adopted,” searching for approval. It took many life lessons to embrace all of me. In addition, I was raised and influenced by two black women who worked for my parents as housekeepers. These women taught me significant heart lessons and helped grow my roots. My sensitivity to embracing racial differences stemmed from my love for them and my curiosity about their life stories and faith. 

As my artistic expressions expanded into adulthood, the more I explored meeting people from different cultures. My paintings and drawings reflect interracial love stories as well as the love of all people. In 1998 I met my birth parents who originally met in Miami, Florida where I was born. My birth mother is Caucasian American of Finish decent and my birthfather is Latin American of Colombian decent. Both have artistic careers. I learned ultimately that loving & embracing myself comes from my relationship with God. The rest is a journey to be thankful for in each unique relationship.