Jazz on My Mind

Jazz on My Mind

When I close my eyes everything comes alive

The sounds of drums the horns the fun

People tapping

People snapping

People laughing

The base is blasting…voices scatting

Like a seven course meal for your ears to hear

Savor the melody 

before your plate is cleared


Smooth moves

Hold my hand moods

The evening soaked in endless hues

bubbling personalities

sparkling with chemistry

The glitter of smiles

Sincere to sly

Eyelashes decorate the midnight sky

Dreamy rhythms closing for the night

Saxophones awakening at twilight


Dreamy rhythms closing for the night

Breathing out a heartfelt sigh

People embracing til next time


Saxaphones awakening at twighlight

Is it morning already?

Like scripture and hallelujahs

sunlight on a Sunday afternoon

After church let’s get brunch

At our favorite jazz place


The piano saying hello

like flower petals yellow

and so nice to see you all

Photos against the wall


Quotes that fill your soul

the mellow strum of a stand up bass

welcoming like breakfast continental

The trumpet fills in love stories like a bird

calling to it’s mate.

Piano keys are running down the street

catching me with laughter

More surprises with each note

Melodies in my arms 

like ribbons tied with every charm

Across the room the soft horns sweep me onto the dance  floor

painting the steps to  that place they call jazz 

forever warming my heart

never skipping a beat 


— Marcy Morris

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