Beach Series

Family time! The waves and  sand are like an oversized  play ground . I enjoy watching people interact in the ocean or like sculptures relaxing under beach umbrellas.  The vibrant colors in warm weather brings out the kid in everybody!



Children Create

From classrooms, to parks and on the block, I’ve always had a trunkful of art supplies ready to create, teach skills & encourage minds. Painting the stories about communities and bridging hearts through the arts has been my life’s passion.

Commissons & Gifts

My  commissioned works  and gifts are created with deep feelings of sentiment.  I focus on capturing the mood, postures, symbolism and detail  based on photo reference & my imagination.  My  heart connects to  translating a story to convey emotions,  Brush strokes are the rhythm & melody in my paintings.


Love & Diversity

Embracing racial differences began in  my childhood. My parents hired a Jamaican housekeeper named Barbara and she lived with us for seven years. Her love and values had a huge impact on my life  as she helped raise me,  I began asking questions and listening to her life stories of her culture & faith.  Over time many more  women, men & children of various cultures came into my life opening my heart in many ways becoming my mentors, my friends, my students  my family, my children.

Jazz Collection

I first learned  about jazz in art  through artists Romare Bearden , William H Johnson and Andrew Turner, when I was attending Moore College of Art in 1996. At the time I was teaching art classes  & connecting with the local  artists at  Alfred O Deshong Museum in Chester Pennsylvania.   I met my husband soon after  who was a  jazz & blues musician in the Navy.  As I listened to jazz, i read books on jazz, and vintage photos became reference for my first jazz paintings.