Who Is Marcy Morris?

Artist, Poet, Educator

Marcy Morris is a multi-expressive fine artist and art educator.
Morris combines fine art, poetry and interpretive dance as forms of creative expression. She is a lover of connecting with community and collaborating with creative minds of all ages and experiences . Her style of teaching art is one of mindfulness, encouragement, inspiration and healing .
Marcy believes that creativity is within everyone's
ability. Marcy guides students to tap into their "art flow', expand artistic skills and build confidence by exploring a variety of mediums and approaches to drawing & painting. Morris emphasizes diversity of cultures and the range of learning styles lesson planning to instill an inclusive mindset. Marcy believes the greatest assets of art education is learning from one another and creating together
by thinking outside the box!

My Inspirations - Artist's Statement

 The visual & performing arts are my passion inspiring me to share my expressions with the world. From portraits to figurative and abstract works, the energy of movement is what  I must express.  

 Capturing human emotion is magnetic to me. Portrait drawing  is the opportunity to learn about the life stories of people, to honor and celebrate. Sketching portraits of musicians, dancers  and poets as they perform  is one of my favorite ways to respond & interact as an artist. I am  fascinated by  children in the midst of discovery where the  conversation with colors lines, shapes and textures and emotions evolve and create magic on paper and canvas . 

I  moved by art as often instinctively dance when I  see a sculpture, painting or installation  that touches my soul.  The improvisation of dance is  riveting to me. When I create drawings and paintings of dancers I  focus on the  gestures of human interaction and movement  through line, shapes and colors. The  space in between is not a mere background but the breath of humanity, a playground exploring dynamic  possibilities.

  Poetry is  the  written and spokenword  extension of my artworks   reflecting my thoughts and emotions responding to what is happening internally and externally in the world. Poetry opens  me to dive deeper and challenge my mind, heart and soul.  it is the tactile essential  writing in a journal, on the back of reciept. the piecing of  words pressed onto a tablet or smartphone together like a collage. Sometimes my poetry show up on my clothes to make a statemen

Born and Raised

Education & Teaching

I was born in 1966, Marcy Lois Stein. My  parents encouraged my creativity at an early age through art and dance lessons, and attended public & Hebrew  school in Wayne NJ.  I grew up in a predominantly white community with my two younger brothers as we raised in the Jewish faith.   

At an early age, my parents hired a  housekeeper from   Kingston Jamaican ( omitting names for privacy) who helped raise us and an African American   woman who taught us  many valuable  lessons  and  prayed for us through our youth and teens,.  Their morals,  life stories and love for us  taught me the value of  cultural diversity and treating  People of Color with respect.

I met my biological parents in 1997.My birthparents are  both professionals in the arts. Learning of their nationalities Finnish American , & Colombian American roots and later learned of my  Ashkenazi Jewish, British, Irish, Angolan & Nigerian roots . . Both by nature & nurture, the DNA of my ancestry and the cultures that influence me reflect many aspects of my personality and creative expression

My inspiration for teaching began at Syracuse University, where I received a BFA in Painting, 1988.  I received  my art teacher certification from Moore College of Art, 1997.

 Children became a focal point for my artwork and connectings as I came to know families off campus at Syracuse University  and  began  teaching art lessons and creating paintings  based on their lives. Upon graduation, I moved to Philadelphia and taught art lessons in Chester.PA Public Schools as a teaching artist..  At this time I also  met artist & professor, Lily Yeh, founder of The Village of Arts & Humanities, in North Philadelphia. Here is where I taught art lessons and connected with teens and youth  respect and an open heart. The Village offered art, dance, drumming, theater, mural making, poetry and gardening which opened me to interdisciplinary arts. At the time, I created portraits of children in various media, I wrote journals about my students and their families, many who were on welfare and in foster-care. Many children from that time in my life are like family to me to this day. My teaching experiences include art centers n Mount Laurel NJ,  Camden NJ  Medford NJ , Chester PA, Wallingord PA, and Chula Vista,  CA.